Seiko Cocktail Time Review | The Seiko Cocktail Time Srpb77 & Srpd37 Review – The Best Dial For $400

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The Seiko Cocktail Time Srpb77 & Srpd37 Review - The Best Dial For $400


Now, one of the biggest characteristics of watchmaking that I think is working in its favor is just the fact that for a collector you have many ways to get drawn into the Hobby whether it’s for the history, the mechanics behind the movements or through the design and dial making as taking place with a lot of the watches, however, when we’re looking at watches and dial making specifically something that I’m usually drawn to the most In terms of watches, the prices can kind of start getting crazy as you see, more workmanship, go into them, but today we’re looking at two different. Seiko watches the SRP b77 and SRP d3 seven. Probably the best styles that you can find for $400 [Music]. Now, when it comes to looking at all, the affordable watches, especially within psychos catalog, psycho cocktail times are probably some of the best out there and very distinctive and separating from the rest of the lineup. The line provides more distinguished Looks that can sometimes be missing from more affordable sake of fives while offering more dressy undertones than that of many popular sake of sarbs. The cocktail times original release was back in 2010 and the watches like the name suggest were made to reflect the different design undertones of popular cocktails being designed with contributed input from one of Japan’s top bartenders. In the past decade. The watches have become a staple and psycho’s catalog, being great value for money pieces with the recognizable textured dials. But let’s take a closer look at these two models that we have here today. First, the SRP b77 coming with a silver dial and a blue handset and the SRP D 3/7 coming with a green dial. Both of these watches have a case size of 40 point 5 millimeters thickness of 12 millimeters lug width of 20 millimeters lug to lug of 47 point. Two millimeters movement is an automatic. Seco for r35 water resistance of 50 meters and both of them have a hard luxe crystal. The watches themselves on the wrist work consistently with their forty point five millimeter cases, which do have a bit of presence yet where flat enough given their 12 millimeters of thickness, allowing them to slide underneath dress cuffs during dressier. Scenarios are the watches as Universal in there wearing experiences, say the sake of Sarbs 0-3 3 for example, especially for a couple of watches that will lean more dressy. No, and would it be great to see these in slightly smaller case sizes? Certainly, but I think the wearing experience is still quite exceptional on my six and a quarter interest for fifteen point Nine centimeters. The cases come in a consistent, high polish and both the watches have a large six and a half millimeter crown that serves useful in setting the time date or winding the watch at the appropriate position, despite extending out from the case. Quite a bit jumping back to the thickness of these pieces. Much of this is coming from the Horlicks crystal that has a prevalent dome here and really does just look fantastic underneath the macro lens. Now the idea of having a hard. Lux crystal. Here I think could be contested, depending on what kind of where you are, I think. Because these are dressier watches. You don’t probably have to worry about this as much as you would. If this was a little bit more of an everyday style piece. However, these are Gallina’s scratch up If you’re gonna start banging these things around, and I know they do as of, you know, after long times of wearing these things that definitely does happen, but I think what is achieved here with the hard Lucks with the doming of it for this price range. I think for me, I’m actually in favor of it because I don’t think the sapphire crystal here. But if it was chosen would really have the same kind of domed effect sapphire to me, sometimes which looks a little bit flat and usually costs a little bit more to kind of give it kind of that box sapphire type of look on both the watches. We have two separate approaches towards the bracelet and strap on the SRP b77 We have a five link bracelet. There’s one of the come for your bracelets of any. Seiko, watch out there. Especially from the affordable price tear. As I know from personal experience. This one holds up quite well after consistent wear, The bracelet meets at a dual button release at the underside and tapers ever so slightly. It does have the absence of micro adjustment points. It is still a nice bracelet that I think is worth getting in the models from the cocktail times as the 20 millimeter lugged worth as well as any time that you maybe are a little bit tired of it. You could take advantage of that very versatile lug with on the other side, the green dial. SRP, d3 7 features a brown leather strap on a deployment buckle that pairs well with the rich tone of the impressive dial. [MUSIC] Now, with all this talk of dials in the title of this video probably makes sense that we take a little deeper look at both of them and really, the only difference here is essentially the color. Both watches exhibit the use of applied Polish. Our indices raised from the textured finished canvas the dial offers at the 12 We have an applied cycle logo, the writing of precise automatic at the six, and then both the Watchs feature small minute markings along the outside of the dial and an outlined date window at the three. And as another note, the SRP b77 with the silver dial has a white date disk and the SRP, d3 seven features a black date disk and on the subject of I think both of these serve really well and working in unison with the dial colors at the center of these watches. The eye-catching nature is followed with nicely executed. Dauphine style hour and minute hands and thin second hand with a unique hollowed-out diamond counterweight. Yet one of the most appealing characteristics of the cocktail time series to me is the different experience that each dial color has and bringing out the most of the RHIB finished. Dial here, and this is the down service that I don’t think could be fully appreciated until you really look at it up close as since I’ve been covering many watches of different price tiers trying to improve my macro shots as well. You start to notice the small details, especially in affordable pieces that end up, making them well fordable, but these precise models don’t fall victim to the usual shortcomings. In fact, these watches give multiples of their price or run for their money in terms of dial finishing with their excellent yet. I caching Sunray style texture that can be seen from the naked eye, but that just merely starts to tell the story here as within one can begin to notice the ever so subtle, slim ribbing on the dial surface that becomes more clear upon closer inspection flipping the watch over. We have an open case back providing view of the automatic. Seiko, for r35 Be this movement has become a popular caliber that resides in the higher end sake of five models, the sake of Prospect series, and, of course, in the many models within the Prasad family. Despite the nice touch of color that makes its way on to the rotor here. The movement doesn’t perhaps reflect the same beauty as seen the front of the watch, but all considered here. We have a solid movement for the money. The movement operates at twenty one thousand six hundred vibrations per hour three. Hertz has an accuracy of minus 35 seconds to plus forty five seconds a day, but that is incredibly conservative. Both of these are running within 10 seconds of perfect time of day and are very easy to regulate as well. The movement is hackable as well. So you can stop the second’s hand. When trying to set the time and also feature hand winding capabilities and then has a power reserve of 41 hours, despite the many watches that make up psycho’s entire catalog. I would say that the Seco cocktail times are probably some of the most recognizable out there with their distinct looks as underneath the hood. You’re getting what you need, simplicity and function while providing a dial that begins to show its true colors leading some mesmerizing stares and thoughts of, hmm, 400 bucks. It’s quite a nice looking. Watch so guys! If you like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up. Subscribe hit the bell icon really would appreciate that as that really helps out the channel also. What are your thoughts on the? Seiko, precise, the cocktail Times. Levicy comments down below. I think for me just generally these are fantastic. Watches for the money definitely would recommend them. The only thing is. I think for you have that a lot of people at $400 Horlicks Crystal might be a little bit difficult. I think the sizing as well as probably the main thing for me. Forty point. Five millimeters is a little bit large here. The crown’s a little bit big. So I know that this thing in terms of the sizing of these scales down quite well. My girlfriend has an srry zero to five, which is essentially in terms of what you’re getting from the dial, finishing standpoint, the same thing there on 33 34 millimeters. So I know if they made me split the difference there. I’d be a really killer watch, but I’d love to see comments down below. What do you guys think? Would you like to see from the future from this line? Also, if you want to say update with giveaways, What’s going on with me? Upcoming videos be sure to follow me on Instagram as I’m also posting some great photos of watches. So, guys, thank you again so much for watching be well and I will see you all very soon.

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