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King Seiko 4502 Hi-beat 36000 Review


[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to another watch week video. Today we take a look at one of my favorite watches in the collection. The King Seiko 40502 The story of this watch is the story of its movement. Seiko, 45 not only because of its specs, which are impressive, but the history behind it. The movement, 45 was designed and produced at Danya Factory and was the last generation of hand-built movements as Seiko introduced automated production with the 52 and 56 movement generation, making this and the Suez 61 caliber. The last movements made the old way. It is a manual wind chronometer grade. True hybrid movement that beats at 36,000 BPH, it comes with hacking and even an instant date change at midnight, something not even mechanical grants. Eiko’s all today have it also looks nice with the full balance bridge and this brushing on the bridges? It’s not going to win any beauty contests, but one cannot deny it looks pretty good, which is why? I opted for custom-made. Collier Kay’s back So I can enjoy the movement and partially to save the gold medallion on the original case back from where, but back to the movement like I said, the specs are only part of the appeal. It’s the history and the DNA that makes this one of the greatest movements Seiko ever made. This movement was not just a race of bread. It was race, born and by race. I mean, the Astronomical Observatory chronometer competitions that used to be held up until the late 60s these competitions can be seen as Formula. One racing for watchmakers in just a life. Formula one manufacturers would bring movements designed specifically for the competition. These were uncompromising movements designed for only one thing dream accuracy, just like a Formula. One car is designed for a speed only reliability, longevity and serviceability were not even considered as these movements were never offered to the public as actual watches, At least not in these extreme competition grades. There there are two exceptions, though, as two manufacturers did, actually. Case Competition, great movements and sold them to the general public. The first one was Gerard Perrigo with their high bid caliber 32 a in 1967 and the second one was Seiko with this. The movement 45 Seiko submitted a hundred and three 45:20 movements in 1968 of which only 73 passed and in the following two years, they submitted another hundred and eighty 4580 movements of which 153 past, bringing the total of a OSI models to 226 since 45 is the only calibre. Seiko did it with and since Observatory Chronometer versions achieved accuracy better than one second birthday caliber, 45 remains officially the most accurate mechanical movement. Seiko Ever Sold and that competition grade version is still the Holy Grail of Seiko collectors, especially the 1968 45:20 even Seiko considered these movements very special, so they case them in solid gold cases and the 1968 version came with solid gold dial hands and markers as well. The retail price of these back in the 60s was a hundred and eighty thousand yen now for comparison, the grand. Seiko version of that watch cost a twenty seven thousand yen so more than six times cheaper. This King. Seiko version was the cheapest at seventeen thousand for regular and 20,000 for the officially certified Chronometer version Like that wasn’t enough. Seiko offered this movement in another fifth grade of accuracy, the grand Seiko, VFA, or very finely adjusted, These were not as limited as the Astronomical Observatory versions, but they were very exclusive since they were assembled from hand-picked parts and regulated to an astonishing mean daily rate of 60 seconds per month, So basically, plus minus two seconds per day, which is what Rolex offers today with their newest movements. And let’s not forget. This was back in 1968 Even more impressive is the fact that specified accuracy was guaranteed for a period of two years after purchase that thing cost at eighty five thousand yen and is the one of only two vfa models. Seiko offered with the other one being Suu’s K. Liebherr, 61 considered the best automatic movement Seiko ever made, although the VFA and the Astronomical Observatory versions are the best versions of this movement. You can get and watch collectors dream of getting them. I personally prefer the KS and regular Gs versions. The reason for that is the way they look. The VFA and Aoc have nice-looking cases, but the KS and most GS models follow the grammar of design to the letter, making them one of the best models to represent that important part of Seiko history, flat mirror, polished surfaces, sharp edges and angles on this give it a unique Look, That is the essence of what Taro Tanaka imagined when he came up with these designs, it’s screaming! Seiko, and cannot be confused with anything else on the market. At 36 millimeters in width, 42 millimeters locked a lock and under 10 millimeters in thickness, it sits perfectly on my six point, seven inch wrist, while the polished surfaces and these strong lugs give it a lot of presence to me. It’s still one of the best looking cases. Seiko ever made the Crown is signed, but not like crowns of today. That has some shallow laser etching. This has a deep, rich machining, making most of today’s grounds pale. In comparison, The Crystal is pretty special as well as it has a slight dome and is faceted to give the dial that little extra detail. The dial itself is very Seiko, as well sunburst white with highly polished and faceted markers and hands, they have a black line running through the middle, making them easily visible in anything but complete darkness. You might get the impression. I find this watch to be perfect. And although it is one of my favorite watches ever, it’s not perfect. They’re strong lugs require a very thick strap. Otherwise they make it look flimsy. Even the highly regarded movement has its quirks. The second’s hand is not directly driven, so it stutters when Fighting Gravity and the winding requires more force than my other watches as the mainspring in. This has more tension since it needs to store more energy because of this and the high beat nature of this movement. Everything in it is that a lot more stress than usual, just like a high-performance supercar, so just like a supercar. You don’t want to skip service on these and you’re reluctant to use it as a daily wear watch that is, why sake, or drop the beat rate to 28,800 with the 52 and 56 calibers. So if you’re looking for a vintage? Grand working Seiko. To wear everyday. I would advise you to check out those, but my heart would always choose this. Just as my heart would always choose the Lexus Lfa / Toyota Corolla, no matter how much more reliable and reasonable, The other one is, this is not just because of the high beat nature and the incredible accuracy. I know this movement can achieve, but also because this was one of the movements that was there when the Swiss got scared so much, they decided to cheat and eventually cancel the competition while it was being held. But that is a topic for a whole new video. Thank you for watching. 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