Seiko Starlight | 7 Straps On A Seiko Presage Sary085 “starlight”!


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7 Straps On A Seiko Presage Sary085 "starlight"!


Hey, gang, welcome back to bina watch. Kurt, here and Happy 2018 were back to a regularly scheduled program. Some of you who have followed the community section of the Youtube app or whatever I’ve seen the message where we had a big storm that dumped just an enormous amount of water and I woke up in the middle of the night to go Sheshe, and stepped in about two or three inches of water in my room. Whole bedroom was flooded. Everything was flooded. Lots of things ruined Laptop was on the ground. Just a bunch of presents that I had for Christmas on the grounds completely destroyed, but yeah. I did have a fun. Christmas and New Years is great and everything’s back to normal now. So here we go, we’re gonna check out the sari 0 85 with seven different straps today, and I got a new microphone with a hot shoe on my a 6500 so let’s see how that sounds and I’ve got Mr. Cricket in the background cricketing away as usual, so lets. Just ignore that so but first I have the sari 885 on a bracelet and it works pretty dang good, but this is a bracelet from Anna. Noah might get some flack for this. A Seiko 5 This is the bracelet! This is a now scratch bracelet from the Seiko SN KL 0 9 Snk No Si Caro 0 7 l 0 7 L 0 9 So shiny mix. Shiners works kind of good with this Swatch. Don’t you think? Although it is a it is a much lesser bracelet than this watch deserves. I should say the Watch deserves a better bracelet than this bracelet can offer. But I thought it’d be kind of cool just to show you guys. What’s going on with that anyway. Let’s get the show on the road and start off with another bracelet and we’re back with a mesh bracelet for the sorry 0 8 5 now. This match bracelet was kind of a pain in the giggity as I had to cut the edges off or a bunch of links to make it fit as I’m sure. Most of your wear, some mesh bracelets make it a little bit easier, but I actually had to cut them. I just went with a dremel when I went to town and I cut it all up, so it’s around a mesh bracelet that I found off of Amazon. It’s not the greatest it does work, but it is kind of weird, a little bit twisted, but all no, not too bad is very affordable. I’ll put it in the link below and put it on my wrist now. This is just to give you an idea. What this watch will look like on a mesh bracelet. You know, it’s just, uh, just because that’s what I do and it it looks. I think it looks pretty cool. I think it looks pretty cool. I wish I was a little thinner. I wish it was a little thinner, but all I know I’m actually pretty impressed. I might get a better one. If some of you know, a really good mesh bracelet, that is sturdy, affordable and and looks really good. Please let me know in the comments section below. So this is a pretty affordable mesh bracelet. I actually really really like it. Wasn’t too keen on mesh before this one’s kind of tainted right here. Kind of squeezing it, but kind of like it now. Anyway, That’s the mesh bracelet on the sorry 0 85 Alright, we’re back with this brown strap with the off-white stitching by, uh, walk. Wilke, watch wall, chi Wall Chi. Think it’s multi again and yeah. What do you think about them apples? This is a quick-release strap, quick-release all the things, and there’s that beautiful movement by the way. This is gonna be a two-part video. I have a bunch of straps. I want to show you guys for this video so you can help you get an idea. What kind of strap to get for this break for this watch? Second videos gonna be all bars and straps. Because I have a ton of them that I want to show you with this with this watch. Plus, Barton was the was kind enough to send me a whole bunch of them. Thank you guys for sending me those straps just for this watch. Uh, yeah, check it out. So got the walkie 20 millimeter suede. Strap really nice, really clean when you think about them apples. Yeah, all right, so that’s this strap and after the next one, all right, we’re back and Lala. This is a highly Roma men’s MSM, 9:07 RF -, two zero zero blue alligator pattern. Strap and it is nice. I like it. It’s good, it’s real good. I never I’ve never put it on yet. I think it matches quite perfectly and really, really nice. Not a quick release, but that will change. I’m actually gonna add those later, but yeah, look at that. That is nice. That’s real nice, that’s. Nice, lets. Put it on my wrist, actually. I’m gonna give it up. Just give it a little swirly swirl here just to get it going just to get that curvature going, because you know it’s got to be curved and I have another blue one, but I’m gonna save the breasts for last about boobs. I mean best. I’m gonna save the best, jeez. I’m gonna say the best I can’t. I can’t words right now. I’m gonna save the best for last, which I think is the best, but this is really nice -. Yeah, look at that. Yeah, look at that, that’s nice. I like that that’s real good. Now, some of you who have seen my videos where I put a piece of tape on a strap and I pulled it up and it ripped some of the stuff off. This is that same strap. But I got another one, but I really like that. I love this watch. I love this watch. Yeah, so that is the handy. Roma, super tight to get off Msm 97 RF, – 200 next wrap. All right, now We’re back with a completely different colorway. This is the tan, honey. The Honey Oil Tan Ms/ms m8 34 by Hadley Roma. You guys seen this many times? I love this strap kind of a cool combo. If you ask me now, the one before that blue strap was a pain in the pickle. Rick to take off. But this one will come off Nice and easy, so I don’t know why I said that anyway, but look at that. Is it kind of cool it? I feel like it takes away from the classiness of this watch gives a little bit more of a sporty feel but does definitely take away from the classiness, which I kind of don’t like I want to keep this watch classy, and so this strap might not be the one, but it does. It does look good in my opinion. It does offer kind of a playful vibe to this. Watch, yeah. What do you guys think about this? One let me know in the comments section below. What do you guys think about this one? Yeah, yeah, check it out. Yeah, alright, next step all right now. We have it on the same model but darker. Brown, no, I really like this. This does keep it classy. This is the Msm III for yet again. The Hadley Roma MSM Nathan for, and this is a little bit classier. I like it. I really like this brown strap. I probably should get another one because this one’s probably gonna fall apart pretty soon. Yeah, just put on my face. So how was your folks? New Year’s, let me know in the comments section. How did you do nears? What what did you do? Did you party? Did you hang out with family to do a few fireworks speaking of that? I’m gonna show you a video at the very end of this. This video that’s gonna blow your mind. Took my drone up in the air at 12 oclock, and it’s gonna blow your mind. I mean, it’s so crazy here in on Maui, and you will see why the end the video, but yeah. This is the dark brown. Msm a 3/4 on this sake. Oh, sorry, zero eight, five. And, uh, it’s pretty sick. I like it, it’s. Pretty rad does keep it. It does keep it a little classier. It does keep it a little classier, maybe. I should get one with all the stitching. I think that would be a little bit better. This color without the stitching and that cricket is just just it’s just going off. Alright, next one. Alright, we all were back with the same again. Same series, But this time in black and yeah. I like this. This is really nice, a little bit of a little bit of a shiny black classes. It up a lot more. I didn’t think I would like it on a black strip, but it it’s working really nicely for me, and I like it with the white stitching. If I didn’t have the white stitching, I think it would like a little bit less, but this this works, but the with the Dark Brown before I think I’d rather not have the stitching, but with this one, I do it’s it’s good, it’s real good. I like it sold so many sexy, so many sexy put on my wrist and that cricket is just going to town. I have I have given up, guys. I it’s it’s one. The cricket is one. I have given up trying to find it. It’s just that’s just how it is, that’s. How my life is now? That’s just how my life is now. This cricket is 24/7 24/7 This cricket is chirping away. I don’t know where it is. I’ve sprayed all kinds of bug things. I’ve these sonic defeatist. I’ve introduced predatory animals. I’ve prayed to Jabu. Jabu doesn’t listen and I just I’ve given up. I wear earplugs at night. My sleep anyway. This looks this looks good. This looks very good. I like it. I’m gonna start using this on this black strap. What do you guys think about this one? Yeah, that’s pretty nice. Yeah, you know, this crown does not bother me, even though it’s piercing my soul like that, it doesn’t bother me. Some people are like, oh, no, the crown is hurting me so bad. I don’t know what to do, but even though this one is digging into my my safe space, I don’t even feel it, but then again, I’m pretty numb. I’ve broken so many bones in my life that I am impervious to most pains. But there you go. That’s the black had the Roma MSM a34 on on the on this thing. Yeah, okay, guys here. We go and this is a blue suede strap from benchmark straps, and this makes the peanut very, very happy. Yeah, but look at dad. That is perfect in my opinion. Jess, really nice, super rad. I love this job, although I think I would like the black one before that too, but this is really nice, Very affordable. Leather suede leather strap really brings out the color of this of this watch, and I really really like that. Look at that that is really, really nice. Such a great color color matching situation too like. I was looking for something that was gonna match this. Watch perfectly, and this is as close as it gets guys. The the one before the blue one before and this one’s, this one are the two straps that I’ve come the closest to matching this. Watch perfectly and really, really super love it. Super super love it, and I really like this color combination. What do you guys think about this? One in the comments section below. It looks super good. Yeah, so sorry for the long video. Sorry, not sorry because. I really want to show you guys this watch on different straps. So you can get a get a gander of what you want to buy. When you buy a strap for this watch and yeah, that’s my strap’s. Video, thanks for watching [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you?

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