Sinn 356 Vs 358 | Sinn 356 And 358 – A Quick Comparison

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Sinn 356 And 358 - A Quick Comparison


[MUSIC] Hi guys, it’s! Bobby legs and welcome to another episode of Bobby. Legs loves watches today. I want to discuss Xin watches. Xin is a German watch company known for making very rugged tough instrument watches offering various technologies that they seem to only offer in some of their models that makes it makes their watches very interesting specifically. I want to talk about two of their models. The three five six and A three five eight, both chronograph watches aesthetically. They look very much alike, but, you know, there are some some subtle differences. And, and so, you know, okay, let’s go through them. So the three five six with the case diameter of 38 and a half has several other models that they offer as in offers and the the base model. I presume with the strap is 1870 and I think it may have like an acrylic crystal on it, but they also offer the SI pilot, which I think has the sapphire crystal, the SI pilot -, which is a copper dial. You know, I really like. Yeah, that this one. I really like I really like that one. And then the SI Pilot 3 which is more of a silver dial moving on over to the three five eight, which is a 42 millimeter case diameter and its base, is around two thousand six hundred, seven hundred and sixty dollars that has a sapphire crystal. But they also offer the diapole version, which it died. Appel died appalled. And I’m sure somebody will correct me in the comments like you pronounce that, but diapause a, you know, special technology that sin offers and probably, you know, would warrant a being its own video describing fully describing. And, you know, maybe one day. I’ll do that, but basically you. Have you know some of these special parts of these materials that work together without lubrication and ensures longevity and accuracy of a movement that pal version also has the AR the humidifying technology, which is which is very, very cool, Very cool under the hood, though you’ll noticed a couple of big difference here. And now some point down the road. Zin made a switch on the three five six It from what I could tell. They used to make this watch. It used to put in the bow shoe 7760 in it, and at some point they switched over to the Selita 500 And if you noticed if you go through this site, they actually have quite a few of their watches, either with ETS or or selitas. And it seems like, you know. Maybe they made me part of the reason. Is you know the Swatch group making it much more difficult for other brands to have access to to Eta’s the shortage? Has it been described? But now you have in the three five six of the Salida 525 Jules, you know, diameter, thirty millimeter diameter, right, Then then, you know, choreograph. With seven point, nine millimeter is basically a clone of the value 77 but without the time-tested history, you know, so now the three five eight will have the seventy seven fifty mm. Maybe they have a bunch of supplied, and your marked the three five eight to have the seventy seven play. Fifty over the three, five six, and you know? I’m sure there’s smarter people over it. And then who know why they put that particular movement on the three five eight as opposed to three five six. And if anybody knows, please please feel free to put a comment below, but you have the value. Seventy seven fifty. You one of my personal favorite chronograph movements of all time and time tested right so yeah, so well, there you go there, you have it. We have two very, very interesting watches that are very, very similar on the surface, but it’s all differences between them, and also, you know, a little bit of a difference in price and and arguably, maybe it’s because of one watch is bigger than the other or one has the more time tested movement. But you know, it is what it is. So, um, yeah, let me know what you guys think. Please put a comment below and I’ll see you next time.