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Straton Watch Co. Syncro Review


By Travelpod member Huyclef run around until we taking a look at the Stratton Synchro. [MUSIC] Stratton is a relatively new micro brand. This is their third line of watches, and I think they’ve been around for maybe, like two or so years, their watches have been largely automotive inspired and, you know, as the brand has kind of grown and progress, they’ve definitely gotten a little bit more daring and exotic with their designs and this newest watch the synchro. It’s definitely just a really cool fun Watch, currently on Kickstarter that at the time of recording this Blue Through’s Kickstarter within a day and this watch is kind of, you know, further pushes their design, And I think this is a fun watch. That has this very kind of cool 70s influence, so the concept behind this watch and why it’s called Synchro is that it’s a mix between racing chronographs and dive watches. So you have 200-meter water resistance? But then also, you know, attack a meter and a chronograph, though you have a very clear visual kind of mix of these two concepts and then available are kind of a plethora of different options, so you have five different dial designs, two different bezels, two different case sizes and two different movements. You can get in here either. An automatic or a quartz chronograph, so giving you a ton of options and all at a relatively affordable price point so on. Kickstarter the automatic, which we have here is 722 or which will be 999 dollars retail and that’s an exceptional price for an any 88 chronograph, and these are limited, though to 200 pieces. But then you also have the Mecca Quartz version here, which is 331 on Kickstarter or starting at 331 I should say and will be $4.99 for at retail price. So you know, you have a nice spread there. You have a couple of options and clearly just a kind of a fun design and it’s cool that they came in two different sizes. Those kind of talked about that more later. Just jumping right into this, though. You know, you look at the design here, and it reeks of the 70s in like a fun cool way, so the just looking at this chronograph’s layout. This really speaks to me to some of the kind of like a bull of a surfboard design. Some of the Breitling quantumatic, so we’re out there. Some of the really kind of strange stuff that happened in the 70s That really speaks to a time. When, like, you know, washes on was frankly, a lot less conservative, a little bit more wild, inspired by things like automotive racing, which, at the time was just, you know, bigger and a little bit more kind of like in-your-face if you will so. I think you know you got those designs in the watches and now we’re having a throwback to that period because the vintage watches themselves are so you know popular and then the rest of the dial, just speak to that as well, so you have applied markers with loom for the hours and then attack a meter a chapter in here, depending on the color of the dial that tackle meter changes to a, you know, in this case, really stand out, play off that kind of reverse. Panda coloring there. I really liked the execution of the tachometer. Actually, it’s nice, and then, you know, that obviously goes out to the bezel on this model that we see right here, you actually have what they’re calling their diving bezel, so it’s a block minute, clearly a cool design and also clearly kind of a weird design. I’m not 100% sure even of, you know, watches from the past that had that, but it definitely feels like a retro design, You know, but I’m just happy to see frankly that they did something that wasn’t. You know, super normal and frankly, you know, could be kind of boring. Switching back now to this. Panda version. You know, you can see what a different colorway looks like. There’s two different versions of the Panda, So they both have silver dials. This one has blue sub dials, blue tachymeter, blue bezel. There’s also with a black black where there’s blue here. The blue and orange, obviously a really cool combination. You know, once again, speak to some vintage watches. But, you know, it’s just kind of those one of those classic kind of loud combos. The orange really pops off the blue, the brushed sunburst background. There actually has a really nice effect on this one. It kind of adds a little bit of depth makes the then blue sub registers really jump out almost like floating on that, which I really like and the the chapter ring. They’re also just looks really nice. This one, you have a different dazzle insert. And this is their racing bezel. So you might have seen this before in chrome? I think Seiko is actually from around this. The 70s time period. You sort of see this on indexes such as from the speed master racing chronograph. Very cool, very wild looking really gives us kind of a, you know, kind of an in-your-face aggressive design, but that’s definitely what they’re going for. The case of the Stratton Synchro comes in two sizes as I mentioned before so here we have the 44 millimeter diameter model, but in both cases you have this like. I said this playoff of the racing chronograph and the dive. Watch so what you have a barrel case. But with a cutout lug, though it still has a kind of racing feel to it. But then if you have a bezel, which speaks more to dive watches in some ways is consequently very similar to that of the Holy Octavia in that case that was auto motion and aviation. But you know, those later barrel, K Pattabhi has definitely had a kind of similar aesthetic concept going with heavy bezels big thick cases. And this is, you know, plays off that concept, but frankly. I don’t know of a case that quite looks like this. So you know, they did a good job of kind of finding their own flavor. There, so yeah, it’s talking with a larger indicator. Now it’s 44 millimeters in diameter, 49 millimeters lug to lug and fourteen point. Nine millimeters tall. The height actually stays true on the 40 millimeter model. Which will show you later to me. The real standout feature of these designs is actually the sapphire crystal here, so it is a dome staff fire crystal. In this very narrow space Does a really kind of funky look to it? It has a lot of optical kind of distortion. Because you have this big dome over then like a you know, a printed insert that gives it a really kind of fun. Look, it might take away from the practical aspects of it, but it’s definitely unique. I think plays off this concept, and frankly, you know, I think in this case it is, you know, really an aesthetic. Watch run at more than it is like a watch. You’re really going to take racing or you’re going to take, you know, deep sea diving, so you know, having that aesthetic detail, it plays off the time period makes a lot of sense. Then just look into case really massive lugs here. You know, this thing is indestructible. You know, it’s a domed surface with brushing on it. One curious detail. Is that along the side? You have this polished cut here, and this is an interesting play off with a kind of polished bevel that you probably have seen on various other watches, particularly barrel shaped watches such as you don’t. Omega mark speak announcer mark to something like that. Instead of being a flat bevel that runs along the sides, it’s actually a groove so that dips in and it’s polished all the way through. I like the concept. I like that. They did something different. I think in execution, It’s a little bit less clean, looking, particularly around the pushers in the crown. There’s a little bit of a waiver in that line, but once again it, you know, it adds and adds more uniqueness and character to this and that’s. Frankly, just me being very picky having seen like a million of these watches, but you know? I like that they’re doing different things all around looking at the side, still massive pushers, big crown. All very tactile. All very, you know, easy to use easy to push looking at the smaller option. You have a 40 millimeter case. That’s 46 millimeters lug to lug, but still fourteen point. Nine millimeters tall. I believe that height is left in there because both models both sizes are actually available with the automatic movement, which is what’s going to take up a lot of space, so it, but it has a very different effect. I’m seeing a 40 millimeter case here. This watch feels really quite tall. You know, and that’s the 44 millimeter watch is quite large, but this one feels quite tall, you know? I almost wonder frankly, if two sizes was really necessary or if they could have gotten away with something just in the middle, something that tried to balance all these little details out. I understand making a small and a large, but I don’t know how practical that really is in the long run. Otherwise with this, the 40 millimeter bottle. The details are relatively the same. Just everything is small. Lastly, you can get the case in. PVD finish. It’s just very cool-looking very badass. This one, you know with the black. Dial, you know, only thing that’s popping out. Here is a little of the orange, the bezel in particular? I think looks really cool. The black surface on there underneath those white lines really makes the checkered flag pop out, and then it kind of pulls more to the side, so it almost makes the bezel feel a little wider, so the vision is an optical illusion. But it’s cool and yeah. The case chips has a very sleek stealthy. Look in black, looking at the case that quickly 44 millimeter model distance obviously be automatic. So here you see the Seiko, Any 88 movement in there once again, a limited edition of 200 for these pieces, not much decoration around that the any 88 looks standard as compared to the other any a 17 which at this point? I think it’s three or four of them. It is a decent looking movement, but not the most exciting looking movement, and unfortunately, you cannot see the column wheel on here. You can’t see any of the kind of real chronograph mechanism, so it’s just, you know, it just looks like a standard automatic movement. They did get the stratton tasks. However, on the rotor, so it is nice to have that signature rotor there on the wrist. The 44 millimeter model is undoubtedly a large watch, but not an uncomfortable watch. I definitely air towards smaller watches. Kind of I’d prefer something 42 and under. But its certain case designs end up working better at larger sizes. This one also being PVD then feels a little bit smaller. Tvd watches tend to, but I think part of what makes this fairly comfortable to size is not too long lug to lug at 49 millimeters. That still fits my seven interest well. But overall, the whole design is relatively smooth. You know, a lot of really big dive watches. Especially modern ones have very harsh lines in them very aggressive and that makes them that makes a little bit more jagged, which I think kind of makes the size feel a little bit more intense here. If it’s very smooth, flowing lines all the way around, so it just has a softer look, but then just the aesthetic of the watch that you know, it’s a very cool, very fun watch like I said it feels like some of the vintage watches that I’ve owned or tried on, but it doesn’t quite look like any of them, so you have a mix of different things and I like that. They got that feeling across without being kind of finger on the nose. What to anyone watch in particular like? I said you know, probably the one that’s runs. You of most is an auto via actually in the end, which is a very big watch for a watch from that time period, but then, yeah, the look is just is just different. The 44 millimeter models come on 22 millimeter straps. Here you have one of the rallies. Trap options, actually, a small whole rally, black to match the black case, black stitching. It’s a nicely designed. Strap obviously makes a lot of sense with the with the watch. The lining on it is orange. You can see a little bit of orange poking through here. You know, that’s not quite my taste, but I obviously understand it, and I understand why they would do it. Considering the orange highlights, you can also get kind of a shark’s mesh bracelet option, not sure if they did that in black. So you want to check on that, but that obviously would be the more dive feeling option. So now let’s take a look at the 40 millimeter. The 40 millimeter then is obviously substantial, substantially smaller, 40 millions of millimeters in diameter, 46 log to log. And obviously, you know, you can just see it fits my wrist Very differently. Also is a 20 millimeter log width, so they kind of brought everything down proportionally a little bit while it is much smaller this way that the height stays the same, so this one actually feels much taller, really kind of a chunky. Watch so that kind of you know? I’m not actually, I understand sure which size I prefer. I think on paper I would go for the forty millimeter, but on the wrist, the forty four might even suit my wrist a little bit better, but I don’t know, honestly. I have a ham bail to completely make up my mind on that either way. Still very cool-looking very funky. You know, this one actually might be a little, quirky or looking because the proportions are a little bit odder, The dial feels bigger because of these two movements, actually, the VK6 4 and the NE 88 actually has the same dial placement for sub dials that didn’t scale in so the sub dials are the same size on both. So here is a dial is actually a little bit more aggressive. The sub dials go all the way to the edge. They’re a little bit bigger, so it just has like a more of a bold look. This color combination particular is pretty funky, with the kind of Panda dial that the contrast chapter ring the block bezel there? It really doesn’t look like anything else like in quite like. I said I can quite put my finger on so kind of fun and funky. A lot very sporty, casual design looking at the strap is another strap clearly rally strap as well big hole instead of circles here, they actually used kind of a shape that mimics the sub dial. I think that’s actually kind of clever. Makes it a little bit more signature to their design. It might not like work quite as visually like it might not have a quick, a harmony that circles new as far as going down the strap. But you know, it plays into it, and I think it’s funky once again, A lot of orange highlighting, they’re not quite my taste, but you know, it definitely plays off of the design to wrap up. Stratton has I think a success on their hands and Cinco? Certainly that would be the case What as far as their Kickstarter goes, Which, like I said it blew through. Its goal in the first day, where I think on day, two or three of it and it’s raised well over a hundred thousand dollars, so you know, kudos to them for making a design that people find very appealing. I think that did some really smart with having a watch like this with so many options that way kind of all the little things that people get. You know, snooty about nit picky about. Oh, I would love it. It was a panda dial. Oh, I wish was blue. Well, you can pick it up now. You can find the one that you want. You know, so that’s very cool and then being able to switch the bezels is cool and being able to pick your size. Well, like I said before. Maybe complicates things. And maybe there’s a sweet spot in the middle. I think people are still going to really appreciate that. You can kind of tailor it to yourself. And then two movements also very cool, so they really covered their bases with this and then the design itself. It’s just really fun and funky, you know? I think maybe it’s not the most necessary refined design in the world. You know, the little things like. I think to me this. Is there a little bit experimental? You like that groove along this side? Maybe doesn’t need to be there. Maybe it could be different. Do you really need that and the Sapphire bezel in soar? I’m not really sure, but what you get. Is this fun? Funky 70s inspired watch. Maybe a touch kitschy or something like that. But, you know, certainly fun to wear. It’s certainly fun to use, and at the end of day also just very well priced once again, retail on them $4.99 for the core Mecca Cords $9.99 from the Oto. Those are totally reasonable prices. The OTO, being actually an exceptional price, so it’s a limited edition of 200 I think they’re really just doing that to promote it because that’s just, you know, almost just really under priced for that movement, so yeah, check out the article and worn around and please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter [Music].

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