Sw 330 | Gmt Quick Setup On Sellita Sw 330-1, Eta 2893-2 And Spring Drive 9r66

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Gmt Quick Setup On Sellita Sw 330-1, Eta 2893-2 And Spring Drive 9r66


Hi, everybody, so! This video is about how to set up quick setup. Jim T hand and Jim T about movement. I have three different moments here here. This one is ETA. 2 8 9 3 – 2 This one is SW 3 3 0 – 1 And this one is Spring. Drive 9 are 66 if I’m not wrong. I’m not, but that is that moment here. This 2 is actually absolutely the same. How to quick setup. GMT hand this one easily to be different, but all of all three of them. I just pick these three that I have more GMT. Watch it. But Berkeley is the same. I have a few more spinning drives GMT. It doesn’t matter anyway. This one are -. These two are the same and setting up. The time or quick setup is absolutely the same. This one is sw3 3 0 – 1 GM 2 moments from Selita, this one is ETA – 8 9 3 – 2 from ETA or ETA. Or whatever somebody like to count and well, it doesn’t matter which one I will quick setup because there are absolutely the same. I like all of well. I like all of my watches, but don’t like this 3 GMT really, really nice. So is how to set up quick set up GMT hand. Which is this one on Selita S w33 0-1 These have two crowns, but upper crown is for the compressor. Bezel and this is screen crown in out. The point is no attitude so you can see. I will wait until second hand came or no. I will not wait. I’ll just so there is the step 1 and step 2 now on step 2 the second hand stop, and as you can see. I can move mini Tower, and I mean, I’m moving whole complete train inside and regarding to that, it’s all hands, except the second hand are moving. And if you notice the empty hand is now because I actually, except I’m traveling sorry. I’m putting all my gentle hands to show me 24 hours. So PM AM whatever you want how to call it. So now it’s 6 oclock and actually, Jim T Hand is showing me 6:00 pm. If I move further. Now, it’s 9 pm. And that is what is exactly what is showing and as you can see, The GMT hand is moving exactly in proportion with minute and hour hand. There is no nothing, no micro adjustment like some would like to call it, but the point is if you are jiggling. I’m called jiggle fit minute hand. You will notice that the empty hand. Our hand is just have a little bit. You know, jiggling it, But the point is when it start moving. It’s moving always in one direction. So and when you set up, you are always moving clockwise. Hence the how we except or that is only proper way how to set it so. I’d say now is, oh, this is going to be 9 am. And I will put it one step back. I mean, I’ll press it back in just one step out wrong. So now is in the quick date and GMT mode, and now you can see. I am now moving plot more rotating the crown clockwise. I’m changing the date, but when I’m moving counterclockwise. I’m moving GMT hand in one hour incremental, so that’s been 24 steps, so I start 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 You see, that is the point when is but it’s just catching up because it’s on the 9 oclock, so I will put it here so now when it’s my local time 9:00 am. GMT is 12 or midday, so I will press this back, go to steps back and again put on local time 3:00 PM. And GMT and showing exactly 9 pm, so that’s it. There is no other possibility of any other micro adjustment. See, good example, so now its local time is. I’m lost you where I am doesn’t matter. It’s local time. Let’s say it’s 5 my thing is pm. So, OK, just one step counterclockwise and again, that’s it, no other possibility of micro adjustment, or if I put it on the half hour now it’s Jim T hand between full hours, so it’s now is between 5:00 am. And 6:00 am. Now put the back one step out counter clockwise and again the GMT hand is moving 24 steps between hours one out and when I put it on nine. Oclock is showing exactly on fall our c4 Yeah, now! I’m local time in am now put it on 6 am one step back and I put Jim T hint on 6 am. When its midday. Jim T hand showing 12 oclock, so that is a quick setup of GMT hand on S w33 0-1 Seletar movement. So this is a little GMT moment, Okay, absolutely, the same is with ETA movement. This is 2890 3-2 So it is absolutely the same. Just this is now 3 pm. 1 step back counter clockwise again, It’s moving 24 steps and this when you have quick step your GMT hand, it doesn’t show always move exactly right, you see, It’s just a little bit more, but the point is put it 300 doesn’t matter. Now it’s 4 6 say it showing exactly between ours, so any of our end and militant is exactly on full hours on full hour. GMT and always will be on the full hour. There is just few actually in-house movement, which can be moved by half hour because there is the few time zones, which is half hour incremental A little bit probably make often and but doesn’t matter. The point is there is no such ability as micro adjustment on mechanical watch in GMT hand that is not possible because everything is connected through drives Drive frame through beers, so it’s it’s just not possible simple as that. This is so this is ETA movement. Both of this movement are actually absolutely the same regarding the quick setup so Spring. Drive, it’s a little bit little bit different. Well, it’s a different watch, and it’s a different moment. Here you practically first you will set up. GMT for the time you should so I pulled. I did pull the crown two steps out. And now I’m as you can see. I’m setting up, but I’m now setting up GMT time, so I’m checking Jim T hand, and I won’t say that wherever I am is 6:00 pm. So it’s 6 pm. GMT time, so that is where I will travel or the second time I want to check, pull the Crown Crown in one step out, just one step out, and now I’m just moving as you can see our hand, and that’s how I check actually set my time local time when I won’t say six, nine sixteen, so I’m just changing the same a, but I can put it up twelve, and that is how I’m checking a changing the date also, and what is interesting on this moment on say Kott’s being the moment I can move and change date in both direction. I see all right two rounds and it’s gonna check to change in backwards. You see, or without any problem but again? GMT hand is connected through gears. There is no micro adjustment on mechanical GMT movement. There is no such a thing. Unfortunately, you can’t see it. I have one much very possible to see. But it’s coronagraph GMT Spring arrived. So this is actually. How are you set up your GMT time on three different manufacturer movement that these two are the same because ETA L or Selita is made on blueprints of ETA with few little differences, but the setup’s options are absolute to the same and the spring drive movement. 9r 66 is little bit different, but again, all mechanical watches have connected fruit gears, and there’s just no positive of such a thing as micro adjustment. Okey dokey. I hope you like this one. This video, please subscribe. There is a summer down. There is the button, also for notification with bill. So whenever I put another video, you will be notified and well, that’s it happy. Watch hunt all around the world bye.

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