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Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 Review


Hi, guy’s extending from. Bijou Damager in London Again With another watch of you and today we’re looking at the Tiger Carrera caliber one. Let’s jump straight into some of the features of this watch. Most of the Carreras are chronograph, and this one is obviously no exception and they have like a racing history behind them to do with cars and resonate some of the design. Kind of replicates that the case diameter is 45 millimeter’s big, big piece. I don’t know the exact depth measurement of this watch, but I know it’s pretty deep and it’s it’s very high on the wrist as well and the strap doesn’t sort of slip around your wrist like some watches Do specifically the purlins that I wear on my Submariner. They conforms the wrist really well, and they drop straight down past the case, whereas on the tag were looking at here, these straps of flares out of the lugs, adding even more size. – this big watch. The case design is a 12-piece design and that’s made from ceramic and titanium. The ceramics. Got this really nice, polished, look. I think it’s a really smart looking piece, and it almost appears grain, sort of like a deep black. I think that’s kind of like a characteristic of polished ceramic because I’ve seen some other watches, ceramic watches and they do really appear like a gunmetal gray like a chrome black, so the case is made out of ceramic and then the pushers in the crown are made from titanium and this brushed titanium on these pieces. The majority of the actual case it may not Polish ceramic is a very shiny looking watch. There’s some nice of accents within the piece, but the majority of the watch is polished. A nice, small, subtle detail is on the edge of the bezel. That’s actually a brushed. Finish a little nice accent. I suppose they did that there. Maybe because that might be more susceptible to scratching because it’s right on the edge of the watch. Then if we look at the back of this piece, we can see the movement through the clear crystal case back and that crystal case back is held down by what appears to be a brushed titanium housing lets. Take a quick look at the strap of this watch as well. So it’s also black. This pieces of all black. What the strap on this watch is like a matte or satin black finish and looks really smart against the polished ceramic. I like the holes in the in the strapless kind of again, little bit like a car going with the whole design of the Carrera. And it’s also much more comfortable with these holes because it’s like a ventilation. I think it also helps to make the strap a little bit more supple in terms of being able to conform to shapes easier. The clasp on this watch is a brushed titanium clasp. I like this class. It’s very easy to use at first when the strap is brand new. It’s pretty difficult to move it around, but I’m sure that loosens up over time. The great thing about this system is as infinite possibilities of sizes in terms of wrist size because you can adjust it by such small increments because there’s no actual holes fee to put the buckle in or you know, another deployment clasp. This is purely clamping down onto the rubber, so you can clamp it anywhere you want so that kind of is a great advantage on this watch because you can find that perfect perfect size for your wrist, Maybe not quite as good as this standard oyster clasp on a Rolex because on that, you can undo it and have like a little extra room in case it gets hot and your wrist expands this one, you kind of set with that size and that’s it, obviously you can adjust it, but that’s much longer than on the oyster clasp and then moving up to the top of the strap, where it meets the case. We have this kind of tag logo indentation within the rubber to me that looks a lot like the who blow strap deployment buttons on the big band unicode’s, which brings me onto a big important point with this watch that a lot of people say it’s very, very cool. OS in terms of the design, it looks much more like a ruler than a normal tag. Maybe Jean Cloud Beaver has something to do with the design with that because obviously, he co Gubler and also tack so he must have had some influence in a comment that overlap within the brands. I mean, similarities between the two of them. They’re big cases, 45 mil. That’s a very food go style case sitting high on the wrist and it’s also blacked out like the unica as well. Let’s move on to the doll which, in my opinion is probably the nicest feature about this watch. It’s got such little intricate details within the piece, which kind of contrasts that whole being rugged look of of the altercation and the strap. Let’s start from the top of the watch and work our way down into the dial. So if we look at the crystal on this piece, it’s made out of sapphire, and it’s got a double anti-glare coating, And I really like that domed effect. I think it looks really cool, and the anti-glare has almost this like purple reflection to it, which I think looks really smart with that black and the crystals also scratch resistant, as is the ceramic as well, the hands and the index markers on this piece has. Riley, even more frugal. I think they’re very very who dies again, coming out and gunmetal or black chrome effect. They look really smart. The sub dials appear to almost float on the doll same with the index as well and then the tag logo. I think these look really smart, and I really like that. Stop down at 9 oclock, which is a dark or like black versus that gunmetal gray kind, of contrast between the two of these. You have a subduct. The date window is one of my favorite features on this watch. I like the way they’ve kind of exposed or skeletonized, the whole movement, and you can kind of see the actual other numbers the way they’ve connected that all into one. I like the way that the numbers go must float over that white background for the dead window. The whole design of this dial kind of reminds me of like an alloy wheel and then the same. If you turn over the watch and you look at that rotor on the back that looks like the tire and a Halloween wheel as well. I think it’s a really cool. Look, you can definitely tell it’s got like a racing heritage or history behind the Carrera. If you look right at the back of the doll, you can see the movement which was like a silver finish kind. Of contrast, the whole black look of the watch works really well like a transition between that gunmetal, slightly lighter thrown black look. And then you’ve got that dark, deep splattered in the outer bezel and in the dark When I only Swatch probably not, its way too big for me, it doesn’t look that bad on the wrist, but I wouldn’t want to wear something in this big. Personally 45 mil is much too big for me, which is why? I struggle with a lot of the whoo blows. I also don’t like the shiny. Look of this watch personally. I prefer a brushed finish, which is why. I went to the Submariner over the GMT. We haven’t seen that video. Comparison already. Then go check out that in that video. I discussed the fact that I prefer subtle. Look, watch which the black is subtle, but the shiny. This is just a little bit too much for me on this watch. It’s too many surface polished, and I think if they broke up and added some more brush to set within this piece. I think it looks amazing. It’s an amazing watch for someone who would love to own a whoo. Blow and really appreciates the Gubler design but doesn’t want to spend the Googler price tag. I think this is an amazing piece of that person. It can be a daily wearer to an extent and it looks amazing with that sporty. Look, you just need to have quite big risks to pull it off. I think thank you so much guys for watching. Stay tuned for more watch reviews coming apologies for the delay between this one and the last one that we did. We’ve been really busy because we’re launching our new online website for engagement rings and wedding bands [Music].