Tissot Review | A New Everyday Watch You Should Know – Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium Review

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A New Everyday Watch You Should Know - Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80 Silicium Review


A phrase that I throw around quite frequently is the idea of an everyday watch. It’s a phrase that doesn’t necessarily have Universal criteria, but simply a watch that’s very suitable for a variety of situations having the ability to be dressed up in a suit or dress down in a t-shirt. It has to be durable, having hundred meters of water resistance to swim with and ideally a sapphire crystal in order to resist the taxing circumstances that can sometimes come with the everyday and when looking at this affordable list of watches that match all this criteria. Unfortunately, we don’t really have that many options, but fortunately, today we have a new watch that’s throwing its hat in the ring as a contender going forward. [MUSIC] But Issa was a brand that I have admiration for as being the brand that allowed me to get into Swiss watches with the TSO visit date being the first watch that I ever owned from a Swiss manufacturer, and I’ve continued to have admiration for the brand following just kind of the fond memories that came with purchasing my first Swiss watch and opening the doors to this downward spiral into a love of watches, which I’m sure all of you who have been on this journey as we’ll understand what I’m talking about. But tea still amongst the entire industry and especially the watches made in Switzerland just produce some of the best value for money pieces on the market, and I think this is one that certainly matches that criteria with this tea, so gentlemen. Powermatic 80 silicon, so taking a closer look at the watch from a high level. We have the reference tea. One two, seven four zero seven one one zero four one zero zero case is looking at 40 millimetres lug width of 21 millimeters case thickness of 11.5 millimeters elect lug of forty eight point Three millimeters water resistance of a hundred meters crystal we’re looking at a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and powered by an automatic. Powermatic 80 movement with this silicon hair spring. Starting with this watch on the wrist, we have a watch with a decent size of 40 millimeters, which I think is a nice middle ground for a piece of this nature as I do think it leans a bit more sporty but certainly would be appropriate in both casual and dressed scenarios feeding into the points of this watch being dress appropriate. The point of thickness is certainly a strong reason to mention here as it wears on the wrist rather flat with its very reasonable thickness of eleven and a half millimeters sliding nicely underneath dress cuffs, looking at the wash straight down on the wrist. I found that the thicker outer bezel does help with reducing the perceived size by taking away the real estate from the dial. The bracelet comes with brushed outer links in a high polished center link with it meeting at the underside overall. The bracelet did not overwhelm me so after a while. I just opted to go with the leather strap as I felt, which is a little more accommodating both for the watch itself and the cold weather I’m experiencing currently in Cleveland at the moment. So if it was up to me, I think I would just go ahead and purchase it on the leather strap unless you’re a big bracelet guy and want to have additional options in the future and the other point of emphasis here looking at that lug width of 21 millimeters, which, usually I that’s a big right for me. The 21 millimeter, the odd number loved with, but thankfully I was able to slide a twenty two millimeter strap within the lugs rather easily. So this turned into a kind of a plus here because I just see this dial. I see this watch and I just see versatility so being able to utilize twenty two millimeters straps. Here is a big plus, so it might depend on the strap. You decide to put in here, but for the straps that I decided to swap in. It works really well, so I think takes advantage of the watche’s full potential looking at the watch from the design perspective, we have familiar T so design cues throughout while bringing some new touches in the process that I think allow this model to separate from other watches from the brand to be considered. One of the first notes of emphasis for me is the high polished thick bezel that looks which is really sleek in reflecting the light in both dark and bright environments lying beneath the bezel. We have brush lugs that contrasts nicely with bringing out the dial in bezel while providing a nice splash of quality on its own with a nice chamfered edge along the lugs which, yes, you will see on a few other models of theirs, but I think this one is just finally executed and is a nice touch in an affordable watch that is routinely made for mass production for the glass. Here we have a sapphire crystal. That has an ever so slight dome effect that meets the slanted bezel nicely looking within. We have a striking blue dial and I have to admit I just love this shade of blue in general and given its slight sunburst effect, it will play game with your eyes a bit looking a true-blue classification in some areas and looking like a blackened shade, matching the oceans of this when exposed to less light with the open space of the twelve oclock. We have the writing of T So and their year of founding in 1853 moving to the sixth, the writing of Powermatic Eighties Silicium, alluding to the caliber within which we’ll get to a little bit more in a moment and at the three, a nicely executed date window outlined in a stainless steel frame, which I don’t want to repeat myself over and over again from other reviews, but I think this is just a great way of elevating the look of a piece, especially at this affordable range as without it, it makes the date window kind of look cheap, looking and with many other counterparts, usually following this habit usually is probably the reason why. I just opted to go without a date window in most cases, but all those concerns are not needed to be expressed here at the center of the town. We have a sword style hand set with traditional second hand with the hour minute hand containing Super-luminova, matching the plots of loom along the outside of the dial, nestled beneath the applied our indices, and I think being on the subject of the indices. This is a big contributing factor to this watch, looking more expensive than it is as when you look closely at the indices, you’ll notice that each are cut with a slanted bevel edge that give them a more pronounced look while complementing the sunburst style wonderfully making a quite a bit happen when you rotate this watch in the light and when wearing this piece around. I actually got quite a few bit of compliments, which I mean even being known as kind of the watch guy and people know me for wearing watches. I don’t typically get actual compliments for wearing a watch or the watches on my wrist. I think that speaks volumes to what this piece is delivering for the price as well as maybe catching attention without it ever seeming like it’s over-the-top also. I think a lot of the competition for this watch actually comes from within T. So scat along as when I posted a picture on Instagram and follow me on Instagram. If you aren’t, someone commented about this one being hard to rationalize getting versus the PR 100 with a cost movement. But if you look at the indices for this, the beveled lugs, the handset and the date execution, all of them, just look more premium to me in comparison to that model, and I don’t bring up those points as a way to put down the PR 100 because I think it’s a nice watch in its own right, but just more as a way to add applause to this T. So gentleman here now! When looking at this watches operation, it acts quite traditionally like you would normally expect from a watch when activating at 3 oclock crown. As when you engage it to the first position you can hand wine the movement at the second position you can adjust the date window by rotating clockwise if the farthest pulled out position, you can adjust all the hands while stopping the balance and second hand in the process. [APPLAUSE] flipping the watch over. We have that open case back, providing a view of the Powermatic 80 caliber. Now this Powermatic 80 is a movement based off of the ETA, 20 and 24 and through its modification does vary from the base quite considerably first, and probably most importantly, the movement takes the traditional 28,800 vibration per our beat rate and drops it down to 20 1600 vibrations per hour or 3 Hertz helping to maximize the energy stored by the coiled mainspring to stretch the power reserve to 80 hours and considering these boomers are also commonly sent in to be cost certified typically. I’ve found they run very well out of the box. With this one running within a few seconds of precise time of day, and when combining this with the added functionality of an 80 hour power serve, it makes this a very useful caliber during casual wear. So as I mentioned at the beginning of this video, the list of affordable, everyday watches that match all that criteria that I mentioned at the beginning is rather short. We know the sake of sarb’s the world, we know the Hamilton Khaki feels of the world as well as a couple others that could be mentioned here, but the reason why I love watches so much is just watches ability to be utilized as a avenue for our own self-expression and what I’ve found with the limited amount of choices in the sub $1,000 range of everyday watches, it ends up, leading to many of the same watches being seen on the wrists of many enthusiasts out there and for me personally. I do get kind of exhausted, mentioning the same watches as recommendations over and over again, and it’s a big reason why I’m a big proponent of the Sarc series. The Seiko start series. It’s not really that they are necessarily any better or worse than the Czars out there. They’re just different and less familiar, and it’s a big reason why I love my Sark 0 for 5 very much, but with this new tee, so gentlemen, Powermatic 80 and stacking it up against the many watches in this price category, with its great looks, solid size, versatile specs and accommodating power reserve, it now certainly makes the claim for one of the best everyday watches that you can find for the price in 2020 so, guys! If you like this video, be sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe and hit the bell icon. It hit the like that really does help out this video and growing our channel. So if you can do that. I really appreciate it and a quick question for you all thinking about all that criteria that I mentioned at the beginning for an everyday. What would you choose for say under 500 or even $1,000 for your everyday watch of choice? I’d love to see comments down below, also. Guys, if you’re in the market for any watches, watch traps, know, better places than Ted Ebola, SOCOM and bombs watches and using the links in the description to go to those places also supports our show. So, guys, thank you again so much for watching be well and I will see you all very soon.

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