Ulysse Nardin Stranger | Ulysse Nardin Classico Stranger Music Box Chime 6900-125 Ulysse Nardin Watch Review

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Ulysse Nardin Classico Stranger Music Box Chime 6900-125 Ulysse Nardin Watch Review


Hi. I’m Tim! Welcome to watch box and thanks for logging on. If you love this watch, email me at team. Ah, so, with the watch box comments in the description below the new direct service line for you to me and my crew for purchase inquiries concerning this or any watch, you see here on watch box reviews today. We were discussing the ninety nine piece limited edition, You’ll east north, a stranger, a music box for you. Wrist and manufacturer power. It’s an extraordinary watch from a family launched back in 2013 Now the case is substantial white gold and forty five millimeters it is imposing on the wrists or off in terms of thickness measures a robust but not unreasonable. Fifteen point three millimeters, given the complexity that’s actually surprising, you’ll note that it’s broad from lug to lug. That is tip to tip fifty two millimeters and the spacing between the looks is a beastly but proportional Twenty three millimeters. Now the strap that’s fit is in newly started in fashion very substantial. It has a lot of bolstering a lot of material and as you can see, it uses a conforming end profile, so it closes the gap to the case flanked and creates a highly integrated. Look, it even matches the slope of the lugs and profile dark navy blue. You can see a monotone stitch folded edge, calfskin on the underside, a brand new. Ulis snorty in factory straps. You’ll be the one that gouge it first and crimp it first. There is a you least. Norden double folding white gold clasp as you could see. Satin finished and polished internally and externally, a ceramic pin snaps built in to maintain the tolerance over time and you can see twin triggers using the swing arms of the clasp as the spring system. So you must release this one by pressing both triggers, it cannot simply pop open jumping to the case You can see you. Lee started in cases while often massive and sometimes even a bit brutalist in their epic scale do contain a number of refined nuances. Starting with the fluting of the bezel, And you can see the fluting of I should say the concave profile of the bezel, which rolls inward. And as you can see, it dips considerably as you move down from the Sapphire and inward from the case line, this visually pairs, the mass there’s also a little bit of shouldering to the look, so you can see that fluted shouldered spline, which breaks up the mass of metal and imparts a bit more definition and elegance to the soft arcing shape. No, in profile, the lugs are not perfectly flat, they have a little bit inward inflection, they’re concave in their own right, and that’s something that you could easily miss just looking at soldier shots this watch on the Internet. Now jump into the crown side. You can see that the crown does not pull out or operate like a conventional crown. Does it actually features a coaxial mode selector switch? And I’m gonna demonstrate how that works first. Let’s turn things over. You can take a look at the case back. You can see strangers in the night as recorded, most notably by Frank Sinatra, you can see. This is a music box for your wrists with Polish and set and finish on the reverse side as well as individual numbering on a white-gold plaque free hand engraved with fired blue bolts much like the marine chronometer zuv, you lease norden’s deck clock heyday. Now what you’re looking at is essentially the business end of the caliber. You n690 so you have a lot of hand. Finishing on this dial side as you can see. The striker disc features elevated pins. There are our individual chimes that play the notes and then there are fired. Blued screws fixing all those chimes in place. There’s also a bridge that holds the upper pivot of the striking disc and you can see that internally. The Sham, purring or on glass of this bridge features interior angles that incorporate a sharp cleft. The highest standard of unclutch is this sort of narrow interior angle that creates a sharp v-shaped knee up one two, three four, just on this bridge. There are many Geneva steel movements that don’t have a single, sharp interior angle. You could see that the hands are elevated substantially above the dial, and then there are sub registers for the date down at six oclock as well as small seconds. There’s a function indicator. Right here you can see. I’m setting the time Because the indicator is set to T. It’s quite intuitive, unlike many of these mode selectors, which often use French nomenclature and abbreviations. Now when I set the thing to wind, I can wind the watch and by winding in both directions, I wind the watch and I wind the striker barrel for the music box function. Finally, if I wish to set the date, you can see how I’m able to set the date in both directions by moving to date setting mode. One thing I want to note is that when I put the watch in time setting mood, There’s also a hacking seconds or stop seconds function for the seconds hand, so you can synchronize to a reference time now. The watch is designed to strike and play a clip from strangers in the night when the hour arrives so on the hour, it will play the clip from the song. I should also mention that you can play it on demand whether the striking function is active or not by pressing the trigger down at approximately eight oclock. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my little remote mic, and I’m going to play it for your advantage [Music]! Oh, okay, so now you’ve gotten a sense of how it sounds and also how it looks in operation. You’ll note that there’s a great deal of finishing on the dial with black, polished screws mounting the dial’s outer bezel, we’ll call it. You can see that there is a coat de genève treatment on this outer bezel that underpins the individual chimes and surrounds the dial down at six oclock dialed on six oclock features, blue printing and numerals. And as you can see, it features more of a silver satin finish, compared to the stronger vertical coat de genève of the outer dial, And of course, there’s a radial set and sunburst like finish to the actual striker disc. Now, when you turn it over, you can’t see the caliber 690 but it’s an impressive apparatus automatic winding 48-hour. Powell reserve, it features 64 jewels, of course, the quick set and the staff seconds, as well as the music box function on demand or on the hour 30 meters water resistant. It also features a silicon unlubricated escapement for long intervals between service and a silicon hair spring for anti magnetic resistance. So this is quite a full suite of features and refinements. You can see and you can own this. You lease nor dent strangers in the night music box on the watch box.