Victorinox Infantry Automatic | Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Mechanical Watch Review


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Victorinox Swiss Army Infantry Mechanical Watch Review


Mmm, hi, guys and gals. James Stacey here with the blog to watch calm and today we’re taking a look at the Victorinox Infantry Mechanical from Victorinox Swiss army. This model was new back in 2012 I actually saw it for the first time in the person this year at Basel world, and it was one that I thought would be pretty cool to take a look at. I like a nice, simple kind of military watch, especially for someone who you know. Maybe doesn’t want to buy a chronograph and doesn’t really feel like a diver fits their style. I think something like this. A nice kind of field watch as they’re generally called is that is a great option and this one from Victorinox offers a great price and a solid movement and just kind of an all-around interesting piece from them, so we’re looking at a 40 millimeter stainless steel case, ten point five millimeters thick, and it’s a forty six point five millimeters log to lug so with that kind of sizing, you’re looking at something that would suit literally any wrist unless you prefer a rather small watch sub forty millimeter or a rather large watch say in excess of 42 millimeter. The lug to lug, makes it very easy to wear. I’ll show it on my seven interest in just a moment, really a nice size and one that would be great for someone who is maybe trying to move up from, say, a Timex or some old beater, and they’d like something a little nicer, something with an automatic movement, but you know, isn’t necessarily Nixon sized or something like that. You’re looking at a weight of 125 grams, including the mesh bracelet, which I’ll show you in more detail in a moment with that weight again, kind of fits the sizing the watch very wearable. You could put it on a leather strap and save a few grams. It looks great on a strap, so you do get a nicely versatile design that way. So the movement is an edit 2824 to automatic movement. So you get about, you know, 40 hours of Power Reserve great timekeeping. It’s a legitimate Swiss movement and given that this watch comes in well under $1000 from a brand that people know, and you can find at say a regular department store, easy to get repairs if you ever needed some warranty and a movement that’s easily serviced, That’s a pretty good movement to having a watch like this kind of a no-frills movement, but you are getting a nice swiss-made you need to get the display back, Gives you a view of the movement and a signed rotor and then, of course, being a 2824 you get a date window there at 3 oclock. Jaffer’s you solid view using a white wheel with black text. Some people don’t like having a white wheel with black text and a black dial. I like the added contrast that makes it a little bit easier to read. I think this watch could do really well without the date because I think it’s a really great dial design, but we can take a closer look at certain elements of the dial. When we get to the Risha I would like to do now is just show you a little bit more about the bracelet. So the infantry mechanical uses 23 millimeter lugs, which is a rather odd size. Any of you real ardent watch guys out. There will know that 20 22 24 much easier to find straps for and 23 is a fairly awkward size or odd size for a 40 millimeter case. You can see that it gives the watch quite a wide stance. I actually really like the stance. I think it looks kind of good kind of original. You know, on a 40 millimeter. Hamilton, you’re looking at closer to a 20 millimeter lug. So this gives it a kind of a different profile now. The mesh bracelet that’s included with this is a very fine link still quite flexible, very comfortable didn’t pull any hairs and it’s easily adjusted. So you have a safety clasp here once you’re in there. A nail clasp and there’s your disconnect. If you have had a dress watch from the 80s or 90s you might have seen a clasp like this. Basically, you can actually pop this tab up either with a fingernail or with, you know, maybe a little screwdriver and this entire piece will slide along this length, allowing you to get a perfect fit for the bracelet. This will stop anywhere in. It’s travel really great. Fit, nice piece, and then when you’re ready. These hooks fit on the bar latches shut. You throw the clasp for safety. It’s a nice low-profile way to wear it very thin, obviously strong, being metal and again. I think it looks pretty good. Given that this infantry mechanical has a fully polished case, which is a little flashy for kind of a military style Watch. But I actually grew to really like it. I think that the suitably shiny and kind of flashy bracelet goes well with it. I think it suits it nicely. So what we’ll do now is just take a look on wrist, okay, and here’s the infantry mechanical from. Victor Nock Swiss Army on wrist as you can see the mesh bracelet, It’s pretty low, super comfortable again, no pulled hairs which have had with some of the more rough mesh link bracelets, the case style, nice and low as well easily worn, especially if you’re maybe not used to wearing a watch or you’re moving from a digital or something like that. This is a great piece for you to consider get this beautiful dial design. I really like it’s super legible. Kind of reminded me of a mix between, you know, like a Hamilton khaki field and a one of those older Omega Dynamics when they had more of the military style. You get the railway minute track and the nice long hands. Almost everything you see? There is luminous, so the markers and the numbers and the hands are all luminous, they glow pretty nicely actually similar. What you’d expect from a good dress. Watch, not like diver bright, but pretty good and definitely usable. I really like this style of watch like I said, if you’re the type that maybe you don’t want a diver, You want something a little bit more subtle than your average diver, and you’re also not looking for a dress. Watch a watch like this kind of a field military watch not only does offer a nice Swiss mechanical movement, but you’re also looking at a style that will go from jeans to business casual with the no stretch, really a nice piece from Victorinox here. You’re looking at a list price of about 750 Although online you’ll find it for quite a bit cheaper and with sales even at authorized dealers, you should be able to get it for less than that. So at that price point, it falls in between something like a Hamilton khaki and some of the more expensive options from Luminox, and I think this is a pretty appealing option. If you’re looking for a field watch, so for a blog to watch calm, my name is James Stacey. And this has been our look at the Victorinox Infantry Mechanical. Thanks very much for watching.

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