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Victorinox Night Vision Chronograph


[MUSIC] Everybody is Biggie again. I got this! Victor, knot’s. Night-vision, watch here! I want to show you guys. This is a pretty different watching than what? I’m usually showing it’s a quartz watch and it’s a chronograph. I’m gonna get right into this. Watch it’s a 42 millimeter case, and it has a 14 millimeter stick. It’s a pretty sick watch for automatic, and I believe it is a 23 Jul 18 in there. You have a little bit. You have a date window down at 6 oclock, which up with a white background, and you have sort type hands and a stick sub dials in the hands in the sub dials. You hear three sub dials and the dial is the step dial. Its piano, black dial and the. Dow has a little bit of a three-dimensional look. The sub dials are sunken in and where the indices are and the number is the 9 and the 3 that is raised up a little bit, so you have a railroad track style second counter going around the outside for when you’re using the clone graph, and I’ll start that, and this watch is pretty precise. I do believe it is thermicon compensated and it has a sapphire crystal that is three layers of anti-reflective coating on there, so you get a row clear view of this Elton directive, bright sunlight. It’s it’s pretty good now on this watch is carrying loom, but you don’t technically need to learn because of what I told you at the beginning, It’s a night vision. This watch has three LED lights on it. It has one light right here, and this is a beacon and also end-of-life indicator that blinks when you need to change the battery. This watch runs two batteries, one battery for the lights and another battery for the movement, and it lasts pretty long now. I’m gonna demonstrate some of the features on here Real quick other than the Kona graph and Ill. Keep the chronograph. One one thing you have is You have a beautiful ion coated bracelet and case, which is kind of a chocolate color when you look at it. Okay, and now you have a screw down crown and it’s signed with Vicky, not Victor Knox shield, and you also have a veteran Arc shield up here at 12 oclock, But if you look close at 12 oclock, you’ll see a little word that says time vision now. If you look right here on the outside of the case, you’ll have night vision. Now you have a button over here at the 830 position and that controls all the functions. So if you hit it once it glows a blue, a cyan blue, and it likes to hold dial-up for a couple seconds. You see that, and I’ll give you a nice shot in a second then. If you do a quick to press, you’ll turn on the LED light, which is pretty bright enough to light up a room at night, and these lights stay on for two minutes out of time before. You have to reactivate them now. If you press it five times in succession know, well, let’s do three times one. Two three. You’ll get a beacon light and that’ll flash 150 times a minute, which is pretty cool. Now, if you do it three to five times, which is sometimes hard to do. It still didn’t do it. Okay, you do it five times. You’ll get your beacon light, and you’ll see it Flash down here, See that flash, it’s travel one more time, See that flesh. So that’s your beacon light. Now you also have a feature here for the SOS. You hold it down for five seconds, and you’ll get to save our ship signal, which is also really nice now and hold it down for another five and that you go off, and that’s how it works now. I’m going to dim the studio lights, and you can see how it looks at night and I’ll leave the beacon going. Watch the beacon down here at six oclock. There it goes now. That’s the Dow light it. It’s very bright, and it’s very strong and it you can see it at any time It does carry super-luminova and I’ll show you that in a second and that’s the light, see that the light is pretty good. I really like it. It’s a really a neat watch. Now let me charge up the super-luminova which, and you’ll be able to see what that looks like. So the super-luminova is for when you’re transitioning from outside to inside and the fitrah knock sign is lit up too, and that’s a nice little touch. So this thing has Super-luminova. It has a blue light. It has a beacon light and it has a flashlight with SOS and strobe, so that’s pretty cool. I like it. It’s a 42 mil case, which is a really nice, high polished case. PVD coating a nice bracelet and the bracelet does have a foot block and a deployment clasp a dual deployment screw down back 50 meters water-resistant so it is suitable for swimming, but not snorkeling and it’s just a sharp, nice, everyday grab and go chronograph that you can use on a daily basis. I give this two thumbs up. I really like it. It’s called the Victor Knocks Night Vision chronograph. You can get these for about 200 to 300 dollars on amazon. It’s a real nice watch. If you just need an everyday watch with a little something extra, so that’s my quick review at a venture. Knox town vision. And my name is Biggie and Ill. Talk to you guys later. God bless!

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