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Watch Photography Tutorial | Non Crystal Glare Trick


They say it’s very important that your channel name is very clear that everybody understand what you’re doing is related to what you’re doing. This channel should probably call something like studio photography. EP or something like that. So I went deep and I came up with this. Okay, you saw the picture, it’s a watch. It’s a very beautiful watch. Seiko, the black series turtle ninja turtle. Actually, normally I shoot a lot of watches for magazines, and it’s a really really great challenge because it takes a lot of time to photograph watches. It’s the hardest thing to photograph out there. I think so we will not spend the whole day for this one, but we would do a quick and dirty as usual. Let’s jump into it Today. We’re not in capture capture. Focus we’re in capture focus capture one pro today we’re shooting with a Hasselblad camera with a tilt shift adapter. It’s like a tilt shift lens like Canon have Nikon. I think if the watch is here and we’re shooting down, We want to have the face of the watch sharp, so that means we have to tilt the lens so we will get the face of the watch in focus. I can explain a bit what I put up here. I have a black plexi ball. I put the watch on and one flash same angle as the camera. And as usual, this Savage trans loom heavy weight plastic and take a shot right now. I have the aperture of 4.5 but put a focus here. So now only this is sharp. Yes, it’s very shallow depth of field, so all this is blurry, and we use this tilt shift it shift thing. I think so so I will start to tilt it. I will tilt it halfway. Let’s take another shot. And what do we get? Yes, now we see. I set the focus here and now, is he? Wednesday, this logo And this get more sharpness of the face of the watch. Because, you know, and now I tilted it half way, so I can tilt it even more and let’s take a shot. This is the maximum tilt. I would go because I don’t want to go all the way. Yeah, now it’s starting to get more sharpness. It’s quite unnecessary to be at 4.5 We can go up and put some more power of the flash, so I will raise the aperture to F 13 and then we can put the power of up and let’s see because now we will get even more sharpness on the face. Yeah, F 13 and we tilted it downs and, oh, now all the face is in focus. Maybe it’s a bit dark. Maybe we can put up the power even more a flash. Take another one, so yes, now we have the the first main, the main light we can say, and we are set, so its sharpness. If you don’t have a tilt shift lens, you can always do the focus stacking. I do it also from time to time when I don’t want to use this one. For some reason, you know, focus stacking. You take me many pictures. You are switching the focus on the object, and then you stitch them together in Photoshop or in other applications, there are tons of videos out there. You can check it out. Yeah, but this is very convenient to have a tilt shift because then the picture will be ready in the camera. That’s right, nice, so what’s next first? I want to tell a bit about, you know. When you’re shooting watches, it’s very important to set it up, so it looks good often. I will say 99% of all watch brands. They put the the hands on ten plus ten, not ten to two some, do it maybe? But all the high level brands put it to around ten poste’m. It’s often more like eight, nine or eleven past ten. So, but how do you know how to set it up? Well, it’s very easy. Just go to the Internet. Seiko Black Series Turtle, and always try to find the hair sake of watches. Try to find the press images for the watch. Yes, here it is, they chose to have. Wednesday, the second they are action and not ten parts because they want to show this. Dot, you know this mark here? So it’s eight minutes past 10:00 and the second hand. They, of course they don’t want to block the the date window and this text, so they put it at forty two to get the hands to be like this. I have to pull out the the crown, And then we in Photoshop. We have to put it back in so it will not look strange, but that’s not a problem if you be skilled in Photoshop. You know, Seiko? They put a lot of time and effort to come up with this, don’t. Put in some random, you know, cuz? They know what they’re doing, so just copy what they think. It’s nicest settings. Okay, what’s next? Yeah, well, the the photo is ready. Thanks for watching, though. When you look at the glass, the hard legs of the watch. It looks a bit hazy because we’re shooting and we have this big diffusion. The glass will reflect all this material. So that’s why it looks at hazy and I don’t think that will look so nice. So how to fix this well under here. I built something as usual. I want to show you this somehow. This is like a front lens cap that I put on this stick and I taped it on here. I will cover the face of the watch with this. A small round cap, you know now. I’ll be back and you will see on the picture. It will end up here. Yes, you see if I can place this exactly on the top of the face and this, we’ll be over this Blackstrap. Then the face will be more contrast and not have this. Hey, see so. I will try to do that now. There is the cap out on the seat out there and it will block the light that coming from bow and it’s straight on the top of the face. So let’s take a shot. See if I manage to get it straight on the top. Yes, you see bow before after Sunday. We are showing the watch as it should look fantastical. Okay, that’s cool, huh? So what’s next now? It’s it’s very clear, It’s very bright. The background is gray. But what if we would like to make a black background like this? What should we do, then? Well, it’s extremely easy. I would lock the light. And how do I do that well? I’m just placing this one up here. Take a look, so I will block it. Totally hopefully the hole somewhere around or I just place it up there. And then I take shot. What will happen, boom, you see? I missed a bit on top. Here is, here’s the old background and here we have a totally black background, but still we have extremely beautiful. Actually, we don’t need to have this one anymore or the face. I think it’s unnecessary, so I will put that way. I will take a new one. It will look the same, probably, but these ingredients on this matte surface, steel matte surface absolutely fantastic and in the face looks fantastic and the reason why. I’m just blocking it so this square. This foam board will represent the background on the watch. Yeah, you see it here. You see very simple, but how come that we will get this great picture when we’re blocking the light? How is this possible? Well, the light will. It will like wrap around. It will not hit straight, but it will go around the Black Board Normally. When I take watch pictures, I’m testing out different ways to refine specific areas on the watch. And maybe I can show you like how I’m doing that. I take something to reflect this. I use a lot just this plastic small. Where can we place this boo so now? I’m looking if there is any area I can highlight and let’s take a shop. And what do we get, you see? I put in this guy here. Thanks to this reflection, it will reflect and show a bit of this the bezel because before it was total black. It would be nice to show a bit that it. This this edges so. I think I will leave that in. I think I need to put up. The guide light need more power of this. Because this is the only help you have, you know, so lets. Put it up a bit. This is the only way to know how it will look, okay. Let’s try with this one, maybe? I can reflect something more to some details. I’m doing like this looking if I can find some more to to to highlight some specific areas. So I will try out a bit with this one too. [music] see now! I put this silver plastic board on the this side and suddenly the whole bezel ring. Get a highlight over here. Instead of before, you know, it’s totally black. Maybe it’s nice to see a bit more, and this is a bit more highlight that maybe maybe not. Will we use that one, but I think it’s nice to get a bit of highlight there on the other side. So this is how? I do it probably. I should move this one up a bit. I am not so sure to have this straight over the crown. Maybe we should have the highlight back where I had it the first time. So I will move this something like that now. I folded it a bit more, so we will get more lit before. Yes, this highlight, you know. I’m looking for this small details highlights. I wanted to feel three-dimensional. The the perfect is to to get these gradients. It looks absolutely beautiful know, you know? I’m trying all the time to get this small, tiny details that will improve the image. Make it nice thumb night. I was thinking I will should do. Put in a bit of water test. Shot some water. Maybe it would be nice to put this in. I think I do like this. Yes, now it’s back in, you know, all the light comes from from the top going boom boom and highlights this one and also this highlight. Now put this on this side. We get this highlight. There, let’s look before after. I’m not too sure about this. Maybe it’s be too highlighted. We use the other one. Maybe we just put in. This will see need a bit more water. I think bit more water water. Afterwards, the diver wash. Yeah, it’s something like that would be great to have a bit more on the the left side of the water name like that, lets. Take a look! Yeah, this is nice, okay, so now let’s take the shot. The final shot. Now make sure! I’m in focus and I will turn off the guide light and I will turn off the LED lights, and now I will go into. I’ll take a test shot first. See how it looks? This is a multi shot camera that will stitch the images together to have the perfect colors and the perfect sharpness. I will put off the mirror and go into multi shot mode And then I hold my breath and press the shutter and take the shot. Okay, there we go a bit of water again. Water is never wrong, and this is probably a bad idea to open up the crowd and put it in water because it has this screw down crown that prevents the watch from getting wet. You know inside, so don’t. Do this okay. This was the what shoot it was very simple short, but hope you can take some ideas from this shoot and about the way, thank you. All your subscribers is over 700 now. I was thinking when we hit 1000 subscribers. I will give away something I have to do it. I have a prototype t-shirt. This is crazy, but this is true. I think I will give that away. We’ll hit 1000 subscribers. The subs. Choice t-shirt. This will be the giveaway when we hit 1000 subscribers. So if you’re not subscribing, you know, you should absolute, so see you next time [Music].