Yacht-master 40 | Rolex Yachtmaster 116622: Echtheitsmerkmale


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Rolex Yachtmaster 116622: Echtheitsmerkmale


Hello and welcome. We take a quick look at this video. The authenticity features of a Rolex watch for this example. I am now assuming a 40 millimeter Rolex yacht master with the platinum bezel as seen here nice to see and have clapped everything on the picture racist. So there is brazen or at least the things that are included with fake parents first. Sometimes we have a card here. I just put the name to platinum the card where everything is on it. Then we have this superlative plastic certificate with us. Hollo functions, What glitters and shines wonderfully in the sun and is very whole. Looks really great. Then there are still some price level. Barcodes on the skins. Are that always looks very nice, But the most important thing I mean, or what I think? Is it simply the clock? Of course, that means you should also have a look at that all at about, but hand on heart. What does it cost to forge such a card here? You can buy such a card online. Certainly the order costs nothing so they are not real active. That means I don’t have a chip on it like it is now with a hublot, for example, the case where I can say I can read the chip too. Just like the part, throw such seals in the front of the compressed air bottle 51 out. So the whole thing is in my opinion, Easy to buy nothing or not much worth just like a leather case. What do you think what such a leather pouch at Rolex or in the purchasing department will cost from 50 to 100 or 250 pieces doesn’t buy anything anymore? That means we look at each other as everyone first time the clock on because it is important to know from which one year’s the clock stood. We have a change that you have the serial number. In this case. That is now the XL, 2700 and so on and so on which are themselves here at the top of the card is also in the skin. The primordial is engraved, ie you you can clearly identify the two on the basis of the map and the clock. Married to each other or not. Now we have here on this model 2018 was sold that is also around. The time production was definitely carried out already. The new layout and the only place for the serial number for is relevant to us. Is this point down here at 6 oclock? I now hope that you capture it with the camera. Now, a little closer and romance, the light, something like that, we still have to focus again and again. Focus focus. Unfortunately doesn’t work the way. I imagined but have good, so we now have. The good piece is tried to focus a little by hand, and now we have to go a little further away. Look down at 6 oclock. That means we have the one in here now. Engraving in this case, the Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex Rolex. And then we see that down here in this engraving next to Rolex Rolex Rolex, a number will be found not here on the page. And now you can read that and this number he now that we would say that later in the video. I have a little one here. Pen speakers. Now have this number where it starts with. XL, 7200 dashed something 94 That is basically this series market that you are here. You have to find this number on the map. You can read it here when on. This clock and a different number than is noted on the card is then if something fits that means either another quiet, fake card, completely very doll on matching the finger off the next thing. I say something too a little bit more this year. The laser is unbelievable without it difficult to start with the camera. Now just tell you where it is. If you now have the sheet here, you also have to look down again. At 6 oclock. A laser grone became a piano. If I tip her, maybe. I’ll try to capture it. I think you can see that you do not have it down here. In any case, my tip hold something against the light at an angle and tilt it so that you look at the glass at an angle can. And if you then have the background, then you can also see the readers without what else is important, especially with pulling rubber rings on the seal and co meanwhile. The counterfeiters can do that too because that’s a multi million billion dollar market. There is a very fast ring attached next to it. Al Hammadi. The nice one and she goes crazy How it feels when I am now here you try it, you can see the bezel wobbles slightly, but I can’t really move, and when I go through Drews, it just feels metallic and sharp. The watch also feels valuable on and the pointer runs through. Someone here can see nicely, so that is. I now have absolutely no ticking as you can. Now from. Cheap watches battery operated are merks or the pointer runs smoothly. I have at the date functions as you can see here. I already look at that can focus. I have a reasonable magnification that means. I have in the background. The runs with the factor, me believe it is a factor of 20 magnification in the sapphire crystal, simply a clear one bigger display than it used to be in. Reality is very nice to see if you now again. Something diagonally against obligations. He on the clock face or behind the clock face. There is a lot a lot. A lot is smaller than it once appears when you look at it. Most important of all is this fine mechanical. Click that you can do to describe very poorly. That sounds like instructions, glockenspiel. I would say why a sharp metallic the tactics of this work. After all. Once you’ve heard it on a real watch, then you can. You can also note something what? I still say are easy. Gaps that means if he now has a tape, this tape can, of course stretcher, but it shouldn’t bend so massively Now. Just like I close those here when I have them to close we now here once it has to snap into place, That means me press Clark on it, and she jumps and on Alex, there is nothing and it grinds nothing stuck If I close the here now then I have it here. Relatively perfect tape measure to what extent you can see it yourself. I have to look, but I don’t have any huge ones here. Column’s just on the side. If you often see that, something comes out of it, bends and co. It just has to fit that. I had to let it open easily. I let it close easily, and if you have the feeling that that high quality work then speaks a lot for the EU law that I’m in case of doubt. I also say briefly to the conciliation on the timing machine. Let them lay down or even let the work open briefly because they will. Then again. You have to pull the trigger and just look. Is this watch or is it real? Not really inform yourself about the seller, especially if you buy privately looks what else he had for offers and does the price fit together. Everyone naturally would like to have the lowest possible price for his watches. But is this price really achievable in the market or has it simply reached that far from that? It can’t be, and if someone wants to sell you something. What at first glance is an extreme. The bargain it is on the second, look often fraud or something else because nobody has any more to give something away. I’ll link you to a tool at the bottom of the video, especially when here maybe wanted to outsource or change the bands and also times a book where further features are described on the standard. Features like pulling out double what I can do there Sealing ring and co? I am not included in this video simply because most replicas now also have these features.

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