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Zelos Helmsman 2


Alright, guy’s, lets. Take a look at this zealous helmsman version 2 so this is the second iteration, hence the two. I’m not sure the date when they originally came out, but it seems like Zelos and all the sister. Brands of Zelos are all cranking out some amazing watch models at killer value pricing. So I think if I had to pick one brand of you know, Tagged along with their sister brands that are probably like really hammered at really getting it done and offering us watch nuts, a good selection at crazy Good pricing with a quality built watch. I think it would be Zelo’s hands-down and it’s partly because they are like constantly putting out really good models. Their packaging is cool. They come in these wood boxes and then they have like a nice, blue leather type roll and they’re straps are really good. These are, you know, and everything is kind of their own thing. You don’t really see it elsewhere if that makes sense and then most of them, come with these, we know they’re straps. This one is actually a padded one typically. I’d seen them in just a straight leather. So if you’re in it into the padded leather this in the Horine leather. These straps are like, really good, and it’s it’s just kind of included with it. You know, I would expect, you know. These were 650 full price or 649 You know, when they first came out? I think most of them are sold out. There might be some blue ones left. I’ll put a link to the Zelo’s website down in the description, but they they sell out -. That’s the thing so you can see really good case. Finishing, you know, got a lot of polishing, and then this hollowed out on the hollowed out but engraved out portion here. That’s like almost like a powdery type finish to it not really brushed, really cool case backs deep embossing some information there. Sapphire crystal, 300 meter. You got the Seiko, NH. 35 movement in here. This is actually numbered 75 of 150 I’m not sure if that was all the models are just this one. I can’t remember how many they actually made a little bit of everyone. If you can see that a little bit of weird like iridescent, greenish color on one of the keepers here that one. Yeah, so they both float, so you both flowing keepers, even the buckle kind of matches, the hollowed-out part of the case and everything, so it all ties together really good kind of a super compressor type case you have the zelos branding on both screw down crowns. The lower one is going to be your time set. They are like a you know, tapering crown and you would think the traction wouldn’t be there, but the way they put those grooves in there, There’s actually plenty of traction, but not super aggressive. The crown action is really good, that one. I’m not going to mess with it, but on this one, I want to point out when you undo it. So this one operates that in a rotating bezel, This has the best tightest, and you actually have like clicks. If yeah, feels like 120 click inner rotating bezel. It is the coolest thing and I’ve played with quite a few rotating inner bezels. There’s almost no delay and those the clicks actually help with the whole feel of playing with it, you know, or starting it or, however, you’re using it, but and there’s no movement when you push it in to lock it down like it’s. I don’t know what they did. But if everybody else could copy that that would be great, that is the best feeling in a rotating bezel. I’ve ever checked so case size. You’re looking at a 42 millimeter case. Lug to lug is a forty seven point five mill, the thickness, including the double domed sapphire crystal, is 15 mil. But if you just measure without the crystal, it’s 13 and a half, so it’s. I mean, it’s a thick watch once you add the crystal in, but it’s only thirteen and a half when – that 22 millimeter lug width really good proportions I think so. If we take a look at the dial here, you can see you have kind of a trademark thing. I’m guessing at this point with the handset where they have, the center loom part, and then they have a couple of parallel thinner lines on the outside of those hands, really nice, polished it with a red tipped loomed second’s hand. This is all should be. BG W-9 loom. You have your date window? At three oclock, it’s all stepped down in there and nicely. The dial is actually pretty clean. It doesn’t have a whole lot of print going on you. Have the helmsman – the automatic in red, and then, of course, they’re applied is LS logo up there just below 12 applied indices. And I’m guessing. Well, I layered. It is, it’s hard to tell because you have like the center part is one dimension, and then that outside where the indices are is a whole other thing, so I don’t know if that’s separate pieces if you can take the dial apart. But the the inner rotating bezel is also loomed. You can see that’s done really good. Almost a metallic look to it up there in that colored part, so excellent looking. Watch, excellent looking finish. I mean, really good package. I think for the price, so let me give you a wrist shot and we’ll give you a link. If you guys are looking for some good. I mean, it’s perfect on my seven and a quarter inch wrist. So yeah, it’s 42 but you don’t have the crown at the 3 oclock digging in, and then you have the shorter lug to log the 47 and a half that’s. I think kind of on the shorter side or medium, and then the thickness is manageable, easily manageable. So let me know what you guys think on that. I’m gonna give you a loom shot and then we’re going to close you out on this guy. Big, thanks to Craig for lending this in, he’s a viewer of the channel. Thanks for lending this in Craig. It’s super helpful for the channel. Now this was like a green loom on the website is BG W. 9 but BG W. Nines usually more blue. I would say this is maybe bluish green, but definitely more on the green side. So I’m not sure if it is BG W. 9 Let me know you guys think maybe, you know, and I just am not reading the website correctly, but it definitely said BG W. 9 on the website. But of course, the zealous loom is always really good, heavy applicant.